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Power Structure Analysis

Tuesday 28th September3pm4:30pm
Old Steine Gardens - Activity Tent

Power structure analysis is an essential tool for anyone trying to ensure their campaign is effective in making systemic changes to existing power structures. PSA allows you to identify the sources of power of your opposition, understand the relationships which ensure that power is concentrated and institutionalised and provides the means of understanding how you can bring together those who agree with you in order to build power against your opposition. Join us to learn how to effectively do a PSA including researching your opposition and using the findings to pick your tactics! This training will be delivered by The Centre for Progressive Change.


Beth is a former Labour Party community organiser who led the election campaign in Putney in 2019. Beth was previously national training organiser for Momentum.

Sponsoring Organisations:

The Centre for Progressive Change (CPC) is a not-for-profit organisation that offers expertise in creating progressive change in society.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations in our educational and research work:
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