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Novara Media Presents: Has Boris Blown It?

Saturday 25th September7pm8:30pm
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The last two years of Boris Johnson’s leadership have been defined by a heady mix of disaster and triumph: Brexit, a landslide election victory, a catastrophic pandemic, by-election wins and one surprising loss. What makes Johnsonism different from the Conservatism of yesteryear, and what’s coming next?

Is the ‘Blue Wall’ crumbling?

What happens when the Tories’ older voting base start aging out of the electorate?

And is it time to start thinking about Prime Minister Sunak?


Dan Hodges, columnist for The Mail on Sunday

Moya Lothian-Mclean, Politics Editor for gal-dem

James Meadway, Former advisor to John McDonnell and Director of the Progressive Economy Forum

Chaired by Ash Sarkar


James Meadway is an economist and Director of the Progressive Economy Forum. He is former economic policy advisor to shadow chancellor John McDonnell


Columnist for the Mail on Sunday

Moya is politics editor at gal-dem zine.

Ash is Senior Editor at Novara Media.

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