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What can we learn from the Corbyn years?

Saturday 25th September11am12:30pm
Old Steine Gardens - Big Tent

Corbyn’s unexpected leadership of the Labour Party between 2015-2019 had a huge effect on the British political system, bringing socialist ideas back into public debate for the first time in a generation, and helping re-energise a movement for social change that many of us have been irreversibly transformed by. At the same time, the sudden and devastating defeat at the last election not only meant a huge setback for our movement, it also exposed limitations and weaknesses within the project itself. The last year and a half has seen much intense, and sometimes fraught, debate online about what we have learnt and what went wrong. This opening event for the TWT21, will be a first big opportunity to discuss and debate in person and hear from key figures involved in the project.


MSP for West Scotland and former Labour Party Democracy Review Lead

Political Coordinator of Momentum and a former Labour Party advisor and Coordinator of TWT

Richard Burgon is MP for Leeds East and the Secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs


Labour activist and NEU rep & organiser.

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