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Youth Rising for Palestine

Tuesday 28th September5:30pm7pm
Friends Meeting House

May 2021 saw hundreds of Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes in the Gaza strip, in the wake of a wave of protests against violent evictions in Sheikh Jarrar and across occupied Palestine. In response to these attacks, millions mobilised across the world in solidarity with the people of Palestine, including the largest ever UK solidarity demonstration in London attended by overwhelmingly young people. But it is not enough to protest in the streets when thousands of Palestinian lives are lost. As the Israeli state ramps up its regime of apartheid and occupation, while the British political establishment seeks to suppress Palestinian voices and those acting in solidarity with them, how can we build on the explosion of youth-led organising we've seen this year to build a long-lasting and cross-generational UK solidarity movement?

This event will be recorded. Subscribe to the TWT Youtube to make sure not to miss it once it's up!


Labour MP for Coventry South.

Sara is Director of the British Palestinian Council, an organisation providing an independent British-Palestinian policy voice.

Nazifa is a student organiser and anti-racist campaigner based in Coventry. She has organised and been involved in a number of direct actions calling out British complicity in apartheid and the global arms trade. She is also the West Midlands Rep on YLNC.

Neha is a PhD student, migrant justice campaigner & executive member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Tamara is Co-founder and Director of Makan, a Palestinian-led non-profit based in the UK that works to strengthen voices for Palestinian rights.

Sponsoring Organisations:

Young Labour gives young members a voice at the top of the Party, supports local Young Labour groups, and helps mobilise our movement at election time to get Labour into power.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is the biggest organisation in the UK dedicated to securing Palestinian human rights.
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Lipman Miliband TrustRosa Luxemburg Stiftung LondonBarry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust
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