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Designing Revolutionary Possibilities

Sunday 26th September5:30pm7pm
Community Base

Anti-capitalist design is about taking ownership of the arts for the workers. This means a new understanding of design influence, the process of creating a piece, the choices you make when you design, the very use of art for the streets and not the galleries, as well as the material conditions of the art worker and their place in the liberation of the working class. In this hands-on workshop we’ll show our different processes and how we utilise a living history to create art for collective liberation. You’ll learn how to search through archives for inspiration, find pieces that share similar styles, and make your own work.

Sponsoring Organisations:

Autonomous Design Group is an independent collective of designers, artists and creatives opposed to capitalism and authoritarianism.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations in our educational and research work:
Lipman Miliband TrustRosa Luxemburg Stiftung LondonBarry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust
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