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The Dust is Settling: Challenges and Opportunities for Changing the System

Saturday 25th September5:30pm7pm
Friends Meeting House

Working life - and how we talk about it - has been fundamentally shaken up from the Covid pandemic and the dust is barely settling. Simultaneously, in our persistent ‘asset economy’, where finance is dominant, everyday people have to find updated ways of pushing back against economic injustice. The game is set: rentier capitalism vs renter unions; platform capitalism vs tech worker collectives; the new bargaining power of workers post-Covid, versus monopoly capital in all its forms. 

This strategy panel will consider this difficult terrain and discuss in detail what challenges and opportunities face those who seek to change the system today.

Independent researcher and writer based in Manchester, co-author of People Get Ready! Preparing for a Corbyn Government. She is a Fellow of the Next System Project, a commissioning editor of Renewal journal and a trustee of Rethinking Economics.

James Meadway is an economist and Director of the Progressive Economy Forum. He is former economic policy advisor to shadow chancellor John McDonnell


John Chadfield is the branch secretary of UTAW (United Tech & Allied Workers)

Head of Advocacy at Autonomy think tank.

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