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The Future of Football: Building a More Progressive Game

Tuesday 28th September3pm4:30pm
Brighthelm Centre - Auditorium

Capitalism is in football, and football is in capitalism: the game is riven with inequalities along gendered, racial, and economic lines. But within football there is also the potential to resist these oppressions, to renew old solidarities and build new social bonds via a shared love of the sport. With football facing multiple crises of capitalism’s making, what possibilities exist to cohere the Left and transform football? How can football help build our wider movements, and what place does football occupy in creating a more inclusive, democratic, and sustainable society? Join us to discuss and reimagine an alternative future for the people’s game.


Dr David Webber is a senior lecturer on the Football Performance and Participation programme, and a member of the Lawrie McMenemy Centre for Football Research.

Marva Kreel is a football writer and player. As a correspondent she has been a contributor for EuroSport, and is a regular on the Goal Diggers podcast

Dr Mark Doidge is currently a Principal Research Fellow and a trustee (Membership Services) for the British Sociological Association (BSA), where is also convenor of the Sport Studies Group He is also Director of the Anti-Discrimination Division of Football Supporters Europe (FSE).

Callum Bell is a Momentum NCG member and former community organising with the COU who helped organised football fans against Mike Ashley and for fan ownership.

Shaista Aziz is a journalist, writer, comedian, and Labour councillor for Oxford city council. She is also one part of the 'Three Hijabis' who's petition to ban racists from football matches in England was signed by over a million people.

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