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Novara Media Presents: Is Labour Dead?

Sunday 26th September7pm8:30pm
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For five years socialists in Britain united in the project of electing a Labour government, with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. Since that project failed, Labour has been taken over by a new leader who’s stripped the party of ideology, and is fixing the rules with the aim that the left will never have influence again.

Is Labour still a viable vehicle for socialist politics?

If leftists do stay and fight, how can they maximise their influence?

If they choose to leave, could a third party help pull Labour left?


Karie Murphy, Former Chief of Staff to Jeremy Corbyn

Clive Lewis MP

Thelma Lewis, Former Labour MP & Candidate for the Northern Independence Party

Chaired by Michael Walker

Michael produces and hosts the TyskySour video podcast at Novara Media and used to host the Fix. His interests include electoral strategy, populism and political communication. He is currently completing an MA at the LSE.

Clive is the Labour MP for Norwich South.


Thelma Walker is the former Labour MP for Colne Valley & former Headteacher.

Former Chief of Staff to Jeremy Corbyn

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