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Socialist Strategy After Jeremy Corbyn

Saturday 25th September1pm2:30pm
Old Steine Gardens - Big Tent

Jeremy Corbyn is no longer leader of the Labour Party. But does this mean that socialists should give up on transforming Labour and attempting to win state power? From new electoral initiatives to the suspensions of socialists in Labour, some on the left are beginning to question whether Labour is the right vehicle for socialist change through the ballot box. So join Momentum’s leadership and allies from across the movement to collectively discuss why electoral power is crucial, how we can strengthen the socialist movement, and why Momentum and the Labour Party is still the best way of achieving it.


Momentum NCG member.

Momentum NCG Member.

Sonali Bhattacharyya is an activist and award-winning playwright. She's National Secretary and London Regional Rep for Momentum


Deborah Hermanns is one of the founders of The World Transformed and now sits on the Momentum NCG representing the London region. She helped run the Forward Momentum campaign. Previously she was an organiser for the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts.

Co-chair of Momentum and West Midlands FBU Regional Secretary

Mish Rahman is a member of Momentum's National Coordinating Group and a Grassroots Voice candidate for Labour's National Executive Committee

Momentum NCG member

Momentum NCG member.

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