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TWT FM: Land

Saturday 25th September7pm8:30pm
Old Steine Gardens - Social Tent

TWT FM Presents: Land - Collective Listening Session.

How can music interact with the landscape? What music cultures have emerged in resistance to land rights issues? And who owns the land? Listen together to deep music from across time as Zakia Sewell, Nick Hayes and host Matt Huxley seek to answer these questions. Considering the changing role of land rights and the commons, this session will explore the music of morris dancers, New Age Travellers, the free party scene and more. The session will consider the disciplinary and post-colonial histories of these issues, aiming to expose the shifting role of Capital in struggles against enclosure and the musical communities which accompany it.


Nick Hayes is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The Book of Trespass and an activist with the Mass Trespass campaign.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations in our educational and research work:
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