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War on Terror: 20 Years on

Tuesday 28th September1pm2:30pm
Old Steine Gardens - Big Tent

20 years on from 911 the battleground of the “war on terror” continues to expand with the rise of authoritarian governments eroding democracy worldwide. The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by the US, UK, and its allies resulted in the rise of Daesh, as well as the resurgence of the Taliban with the current troop withdrawal. As an example of contemporary Imperialism, the session will discuss whose political-economic interests were achieved in this period? To what extent has militarisation, surveillance, and racism in the form of Islamophobia been normalised in society? And with the current situation in Afghanistan still in flux, what could resistance and solidarity look like in the coming months and years?

This event will be recorded. Subscribe to the TWT Youtube to make sure not to miss it once it's up!


Jeremy Corbyn is the MP for Islington North and former leader of the Labour Party.


Journalist, former soldier, Afghanistan veteran, author of Veteranhood: Hope and Rage in British Ex-Military Life (Repeater Books, out 9 November 2021

Elif Sarican is an anthropologist and activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement, elected co-chair of the UK Kurdish Assembly in September 2020. Her work includes collaboration with diverse progressive organisations and campaigns in developing political education programmes, and she has guest lectured at a number of London universities on feminism, radical politics and global history.

Professor of Sociology and co-director of the Centre for Migration, Refugees and Belonging at the University of East London. Her recent work includes Rethinking Racial Capitalism (Rowman and Littlefield, 2018) and Crisis, austerity and everyday life (Palgrave, 2015).
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