About TWT

About TWT

The World Transformed is supporting, developing and delivering political education across the UK in order to build a movement capable of radically transforming society.

We want to see the transformation of today’s society into one based on economic, environmental and social justice - a society where power is transferred from the establishment and into the hands of the many, and where oppression of all kinds is dismantled. We believe that electing a socialist government is a key part of this, but we know that truly transformative change can only be driven by the grassroots.

As such, we need to build a mass, self-educating and politically conscious movement which is capable of electing and sustaining a radical government, as well as holding it to account. We need people of all ages and backgrounds to be engaged in political thinking and organising; to have a say in shaping the future of society. And we need this culture of collective political education to be embedded up and down the UK, across all spheres of society.

Our annual 4-day festival of politics, arts and music began in 2016, and has since become the biggest political education event in the UK. While we cannot wait for the fourth edition of the festival to take place this September, we recognise that there’s only so much we can achieve in 4 days once a year. To realise our vision we need political education initiatives to be happening across the country all year round.

See here for information on the 2018 programme.


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