Imagining the world we want to live in and planning how to get there

Post-election debrief.

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The World Transformed is supporting, developing and delivering political education across the UK in order to build a movement capable of radically transforming society.

We want to see the transformation of today’s society into one based on economic, environmental and social justice - a society where power is transferred from the establishment and into the hands of the many, and where oppression of all kinds is dismantled. We believe that electing a socialist government is a key part of this, but we know that truly transformative change can only be driven by the grassroots.

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In 2019, The World Transformed hosted our biggest and best festival yet, with over 6000 attendees and over 250 hours of sessions - from debates, discussions and workshops to exhibitions, football tournaments and parties. Internationalism was a key theme of the festival, with over 100 international speakers from 25 different countries.

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Supporters Network

Without our supporters, our work would not be possible. Together, we can build a movement capable of transforming society. You can become part of this by donating monthly to The World Transformed. To say thank you, we’ll give you free tickets to the festival, monthly updates on what we’re working on and special offers from our partner organisations.

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