Searching for Socialism - A history of the Labour Party

We've put together a five-part series covering some of the key moments in Labours history from 1945 until now, with an accompanying reading list, so we can reflect on the lessons of the past and what relevance they have for how we chart our future. For invitations to upcoming calls, sign up to our mailing list.

Look at the reading list and catch up on previous calls

Coronavirus crisis calls

Between March and May we hosted 10 calls, on various topics relating to the Coronavirus crisis, to create a space for activists and organisers to come together, share experiences and knowledge and develop strategies for a left response. You can watch recordings of the calls and read up the written reports here.

COVID-19 Statement

Like many other organisations, The World Transformed has had to rethink the work we will be doing over the coming weeks and months in response to COVID-19. The current crisis has shone a new light on the failings of the systems that dominate our lives, exposing a callous disregard for the vast majority of people’s lives on a scale we have not seen in our lifetimes.

Clearly, no matter what happens, there can be no going back to the status quo.

This crisis will affect the content and format of the popular education that TWT runs. We are busy collaborating with our partner organisations, activists, academics and artists to produce new political education resources that respond to the needs of the moment and help us prepare for the aftermath. We will work to amplify radical demands, reflect on what this teaches us about capitalism, and create opportunities for socialists to come together and strategise for the struggles ahead.

For us, good political education should be about helping individuals and groups to become more thoughtful and confident in their political organising. In this sense, political education points to those activities that support us to become more conscious, critical and strategic in our thinking and action.

TWT seeks to do this in a number of ways:

  • Run weekly mass Zoom calls - co-hosted with Momentum - every Tuesday at 8pm that focus on the immediate demands of the Left, platforming activists from all over the world. The calls will respond to the immediacy of the crisis, spanning a range of topics from creating a deeper understanding of the economic impacts, workers and renters rights, demands for the NHS and how to build international solidarity.
  • Host a range of online political education resources on our website that creatively engage with digital formats and teaching styles including reading groups, short courses, activist training and arts workshops that situate the crisis within a wider historical, political and economic understanding of capitalism and specifically call for collective action.
  • Collaborate with our partners and friends to develop training resources on how to run effective online meetings and political education courses and encourage other organisations and activists to develop their own popular education by offering our zoom accounts to organisers.
  • Produce resources that are regionally devolved and built out of our growing network of Transformed Groups all around the UK to develop popular education in their communities.
  • Work with partner organisations, grassroots activists, trade unionists and Labour party members to produce resources that reflect TWT’s ethos of collective joy, accessibility, solidarity and connection whilst in self-isolation.
  • Continue to create opportunities to develop and promote radical demands within the Labour party, and push for a more participatory and exciting political culture throughout our movement.

About us

The World Transformed is supporting, developing and delivering political education across the UK in order to build a movement capable of radically transforming society.

We want to see the transformation of today’s society into one based on economic, environmental and social justice - a society where power is transferred from the establishment and into the hands of the many, and where oppression of all kinds is dismantled. We believe that electing a socialist government is a key part of this, but we know that truly transformative change can only be driven by the grassroots.

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