The World

Transformed 2017

A four day festival of politics, art, music and culture across nine different venues in the heart of the city.




Who are we?

The World Transformed organises political events. But they don’t look like any you’ve seen before. We mix big names with the most inspiring grassroots voices. We tackle topics others overlook. We offer free tickets so anybody can attend. We incorporate culture, music and design in a way that creates a buzz. We care about creating experiences that appeal to people outside of the political bubble.


A Little History

The World Transformed grew out of Momentum, the social movement formed after the election of Jeremy Corbyn. Our first event was #TWT2016 – a four day festival of politics, art, music and culture that took place alongside the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, 2016.

We think it went pretty well. Over 5000 people attended more than 150 workshops, talks, gigs and exhibitions, making it the largest fringe event ever. We also got a great reception from attendees, Labour MPs and the press. John Harris, writing for the Guardian, even called us “the future of the Labour party”.


The World Transformed Brighton 2017

2017 has been an intense year. Alongside the rise of Trump, Britain exiting the EU and the general collapse of the political centre ground, we’ve seen a Corbyn-led Labour defy all odds to massively increase Labour’s vote share’

With our movement close to power, it’s now time to get serious. It’s time to work out precisely what our vision is, and how we could implement it.

The World Transformed 2017 will be a four day fringe festival alongside the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Across nine venues we’ll host skill shares, debates, plays and parties that’ll redefine what it means to do politics and debate new ideas that’ll soon shape the future of Britain.

Get a ticket. Join us in Brighton. Come experience the future of politics.



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