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Liverpool, 24-27 September

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After 12 years of Tory Party rule, the election defeat, the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, it's easy to feel beaten and disempowered. The system is clearly broken and it can be hard to imagine it changing.

With Tories fighting amongst themselves and with the Labour leadership failing to back workers, we need to take matters into our own hands.

Our strength comes from our collective power to imagine, design and build radical alternatives to the status quo.

TWT22 will be the perfect place to make this happen. From the cost of living to the climate crisis to attacks on workers - we’ll be responding to the biggest political challenges of today and sharing ideas, strategies and skills to strengthen our movement.

And after four long years, The World Transformed is back in Liverpool! We’re reuniting with venues like the Black-E and other old friends in England’s red hub.

TWT22 will be packed with trainings, debates and workshops on the critical issues facing the left today. We’ll also be showcasing the finest in radical arts and culture, from cabaret and comedy to poetry and theatre. All this, plus the biggest and best parties on the left.


We are committed to providing an event that’s as accessible as possible. This includes: step free venues, a number of BSL interpreted events (TBA), free festival tickets for assistants, and accessibility passes for the duration of the festival to minimise times spent queueing, and a priority seating space at the front of sessions.

We are working with Disabled People Against Cuts to make this year’s festival accessible and enjoyable for all, and are being guided by the social model of disability to make this possible.

Our volunteers are still working on the Accessibility Pack for this year’s festival. It will compile most of the information about accessibility at the festival in a single document. We’ll post a link to it here once it’s completed, and will share it on our social media channels.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about accessibility in Liverpool this year, please get in touch at [email protected]

You can - we recruit throughout the summer, but the sooner you fill in a form the better, as we stop recruiting once we’ve got all our teams in place. Just fill in this form.

We’re expanding the online programme of our festival even further this year, to ensure anyone who can’t join us in person can still get loads out of TWT.

We’ll be providing recordings and live streams of sessions at the festival, special online-only sessions, and TWT TV is returning with even more ambitious plans for a mix of entertainment and politics, streamed directly from our TV studio at the heart of the event.

It will all be free to access - keep an eye on our social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on updates and news.

Liverpool is highly accessible by train and road - be it car or coach.

Liverpool Lime Street is the main station connecting the city to the rest of the UK.

Liverpool ONE Coach station is the central coach station, served by National Express.

Both are an 12 minute walk from our main venue and Box Office, the Black-E.

There are multiple private and council run pay and display car parks around Liverpool city centre.

The address of the Black-E is:

The Black-E, The Blackie, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

All our other venues for the festival this year are around 10 minutes walk (maximum!) from the Black-E.

Liverpool has many accommodation options, as you’d expect from a large city. Some cheaper options include The International Inn and the YHA Liverpool. Websites such as Hostelworld and will show a full range of options.

Any press related queries should go to Kallum, at [email protected]

TWT’s position is that the Labour Party is an important site of struggle for socialists. Engaging in electoral politics is valuable for the left. It opens up the opportunity of taking state power and, as seen during the Corbyn project, it can allow us to build up our numbers and skills quickly. With a first past the post voting system, and the Labour party’s links with many trade unions, currently Labour is the best vehicle for the social movement’s interventions in electoral politics.

Part of TWT’s role is to help activists develop an understanding of where we can use the party effectively in struggle and what its limitations are, as well as facilitate discussions on why and how the Labour Party dominates our politics in this way, and how we can move beyond it. In doing so, we hope to help galvanise and maintain connections between the Labour and extra-parliamentary left, who are becoming increasingly fragmented in the aftermath of Corbynism.

Local Transformed groups around the country organise their own political education events and festivals. They vary in size and type - but they’re all united by a common aim of creating engaging and accessible education.

Transformed groups are largely autonomous, with their own programme tied to local aims and themes, but most have a close relationship with The World Transformed, who facilitate the Transformed network and provide training and support to ensure that groups have the best chance of getting off the ground.

There are currently 10 active Transformed groups, and there will be special sessions at the Liverpool festival both by and for Transformed groups - whether they’re brand new or well established!

If you have questions about the network, or want to start your own group, email Lucy on [email protected]

We will always provide free tickets to The World Transformed - there are instructions on how to get one on our ticket page.

However, in order to provide free tickets to anyone that needs one, we rely on those who can afford to buy a ticket to select one that’s appropriate for their income. That’s why we have Low/Unwaged tickets, Standard tickets, and Pay It Forward tickets, which buy one for you and one for someone else. It’s essential attendees of TWT stick to this principle in order to keep the event going each year.

Our prices are reduced this year compared to 2021, despite increased running costs. We have done this by refining our processes further and working closely with new and existing partners, who help subsidise the cost of putting on The World Transformed. If we sold tickets at their cost price, it would be £100 each!

We’ll continue to work to keep tickets cheaper whenever we can. Joining our supporters network is one great way to help us, for regular or one-off donations. Or if you’ve got ideas or expertise, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Absolutely, no questions asked. Head to our ticket page to find out how.

How do we provide free tickets? Check out the answer to the question above!

The best way to support us is to buy a ticket and get involved at the event! You can also provide a monthly contribution via our Supporters Network which helps keep our finances reliable. Or you can volunteer! The World Transformed is powered by volunteers - in all aspects of the work, the dedication and energy of incredible comrades from across the country is what makes the festival work. It’s an amazing way to meet people and learn new skills too - here’s how you sign up!

We’re keeping a close eye on Covid and will be sure to take appropriate measures, in line with both NHS guidance and what other comparable events are doing. Our policy will be provided here in full once our volunteers have finished researching and compiling the document.

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