The World Transformed 2018

22nd - 25th September

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TWT 2018

We are The World Transformed - a 4-day politics, arts and music festival running alongside the Labour Party Conference, working to build left power both inside and outside of Parliament.

Since 2016 we’ve been mixing big names with the most inspiring grassroots voices and tackling topics that others overlook. We showcase politics as it should be: exciting, engaging and people-powered.

This year’s festival will double in size, platform voices from all over the world, and have a more innovative programme than ever before. TWT 2018 will create an open space for collective political education that will strengthen our entire movement.

The World Transformed is about imagining the world we want to live in and planning how we get there. And it’s about doing it together.

Come along to TWT 2018! Venues: The Black-E / Hinterlands / Constellations


Solidarity £35
Standard £20
Student/Low Income £15
Unwaged £0
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TWT relies on a diverse team of incredible volunteers who help to plan and run the festival. Interested in coming on board? Then please fill out our volunteers application form here!

If you live in Liverpool and would like to help us make our festival as accessible as possible by offering up a spare bed or sofa in your house, please fill in our couchsurfing form here!

For enquiries about volunteering, or anything else relating to the logistics of the festival, please email [email protected]


Interested in attending TWT 2018 as a journalist? Then please fill out our Press Accreditation application form here.

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Check out our Programme section to find out more details on the content of this year’s festival and to submit a session proposal!

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Arts, music and performance is a central part of what we do. If you want to get involved in our Arts programme, please email [email protected]

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