Games Transformed 2024 programme announced

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Games Transformed, an offshoot of The World Transformed festival, has announced the lineup for its 2024 festival.

Games Transformed is a project creating spaces where developers and players can come together to celebrate progressive politics in games and discuss how we can make the games industry better for everyone. We run a yearly festival and game jam and put on smaller events throughout the year.

Speakers include (opens in a new tab)Jonathan McIntosh, founder of the Pop Culture Detective YouTube channel who will present a talk on the history of board games and colonialism, Anisa Sunasi, founder of (opens in a new tab)Limit Break, (opens in a new tab)Marijam Did, a games industry journalist with an upcoming book Everything To Play For: How Videogames Are Changing the World being released later this year, and Matteo Menapace, co-designer of Daybreak a co-op game about stopping climate change and one of three games nominated for the prestigious Kennerspiel des Jahres award.

Other events will include workshops such as a trade union organising training (featuring the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain in a year of skyrocketing layoffs and studio closures in the gaming industry), live Role Playing Games, table top and video games, and playable submissions from this year’s (opens in a new tab)three-week game jam.

The theme of this year’s festival is No War But Class War, focusing on anti-war and anti-imperialist ideas in games. Games Transformed is partnering with anti-war organisations to encourage people to make counter-recruitment games for their game jam.

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