The World Transformed is an annual festival and year-round political education project. Our first festival took place in 2016, as an attempt to revitalise the left’s presence at the Labour Party conference, bridge the gap between the parliamentary and social movement left, and develop a space for radical, participatory and creative political education.

Since then the festival has grown to become the biggest leftwing multi-day event in Britain, and we have seen the emergence of dozens of local Transformed groups across the country, as well as TWT launching a number of other year round educational projects from short courses to organising schools, podcasts, trainings and pedagogical research.


Our vision of political education is guided by the following principles:

  • Socialist and Utopian. We are fundamentally opposed to capitalism, patriarchy, racism, and other forms of domination and oppression. Our vision is for a genuinely democratic and classless society based on the principles of solidarity, collectivity and sustainability, where social life is organised around common ownership rather than private property and where free time is distributed equally. We will always aim to platform radical ideas that help us move towards this vision.
  • Creative. We believe that our movement must be forward-looking and innovative, and that art and culture must be at the heart of our project. We will strive for a socialist culture capable of responding with imagination to the demands of the moment, and within which creative and non-traditional forms of organising and education are valued, cultivated and celebrated.
  • Collaborative. Building an effective movement requires forging working relationships and links of solidarity across causes, sectors and borders. We strive to work with a multitude of different actors in our movement and to learn from and collaborate with movements across the world.