We want to re-energise the Labour movement’s rich history of self-education, helping activists to organise and facilitate events to discuss politics, build networks and develop ideas and strategies to transform their communities.

That’s why we are developing workshop guides from this years festival, as well as events organisers and members are doing across the country, for you to explore and organise yourself. Click on the workshops below to find out what it takes to organise your own!

Running your events online isn’t rocket science - and the problems you will face and their solutions will be different depending on what you want to organise. From setting up a digital reading group, to running a panel discussion, we’ve put together this short toolkit to get your online events started.

Global poverty & its colonial roots: a re-education
Poverty is created.Poverty exists due to decisions taken by people, countries and companies with power. These decisions started with colonialism, which has shaped the way we live now. But today’s world is still structured to ensure power and wealth grow for those who already have it, at the expense of …
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