Basic Income: Freedom, Security and Labour’s Route Back to Power
Black-E Main Space
8PM – 9:30PM
TWT_017 ubi pilots

The Labour Party needs votes, but voters need a Labour Party committed to making good on its foundational commitments. Articulating a vision to address the crises of poverty, inequality, and climate change is in Labour’s interest. UBI is the multipurpose policy instrument capable of delivering part of that vision: a socially secure Britain free from avoidable anxiety.

Join Autonomy and the Basic Income Conversation for a snapshot into the contemporary universal basic income movement. We’ll be hosting a conversation with Labour politicians, campaigners, and communities designing basic income demonstrations. We need a Universal Basic Income now - join the conversation here.


Will Stronge is co-director of Autonomy, an independent UK think tank focusing on issues relating to the future of work.

Bethan Winter is a Welsh Labour Party politician. She has been the Member of Parliament for Cynon Valley since the 2019 general election.

Andrew Burnham is the Mayor of Greater Manchester since 2017. He served in Gordon Brown's Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury from 2007 to 2008, Culture Secretary from 2008 to 2009 and Health Secretary from 2009 to 2010

Autonomy's Basic Income Lead and Co-Founder of Basic Income Conversation, helping coordinate a national discussion about basic income and working on the proposed pilots in Jarrow and Grange, East Finchley.

James Driscoll is North of Tyne mayor for Labour.


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