Colombia’s Historic Left Turn: Q&A with Senator María José Pizarro
Black-E Main Space
5:30PM – 6:30PM
TWT_100 Maria Jose Pizarro

Colombia recently elected its first ever leftist government, after decades of violent conflict under right-wing governance. Justice for Colombia is delighted to welcome to Liverpool senator María José Pizarro, a member of new president Gustavo Petro’s Historic Pact coalition. In a country where the Left has often been violently suppressed, Petro’s triumph is an extraordinary achievement - but his government faces major challenges to address inequality, ongoing conflict and the far right. Join JFC and María José Pizarro to discuss the hopes and challenges ahead, as well as the lessons to be drawn from the rise of the Colombian Left. Attendees can also enjoy a free empanada kindly provided by Liverpool's Colombian community.


Kim Johnson in the Member of Parliament for Liverpool Riverside.

María José Pizarro is a Senator in the Historic Pact coalition which recently won Colombia’s presidential election and now forms the country’s first progressive government. She has long campaigned in support of human rights, peace, reproductive rights and environmental protection. She grew up in exile after her father was assassinated during his campaign for the presidency in 1990.

Ian has been the MP for Liverpool West Derby since 2019 and was the co-founder of Fans Supporting Foodbanks, a community initiative by football fans to tackle food poverty in Liverpool.

Justice for Colombia


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