From Above, from Below or in the Middle: How to Change the Economy of your Area
Black-E Studio
11AM – 12:30PM
alternative forms

Are the developments you see in your area focused on raising property prices and maximizing rent extraction? Right around the country people are organizing to change this depressing normality and, instead, to build local economies that are more focused on the needs of the people who live in them. By looking at new municipalism, community wealth building, newer legal & financial mechanisms, and community produced alternative development plans this participative session will provide activists and ordinary people with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to start reclaiming ownership of their places.


Paul is a careworker with long experience in the labour movement. He has been national treasurer to Medact and NEON, alongside a lot of non-profit roles. He's a member of Skelmersdale Resilience Society

Director of Policy and Practice at CLES. Since completing his PhD in political theory in 2009, Tom has worked with numerous organisations across local government, academia, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector. He has delivered an array of local economic development and health policy projects, focused on addressing poverty, fostering social inclusion and promoting public health. Tom brings expertise in political theory, policy and implementation research to his role as Director of Policy and Practice.

Ben is an architectural worker and co-researcher helping to prepare the Wards Corner Community Plan.

Frances is a Bradford-born community organiser with decades of experience working on community economic development. She is the Principal Director for Local Economies at the New Economics Foundation.


CLES is the UK's leading, independent think and do tank realising progressive economics for people and place.

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