How To Organise Your Own Transformed Group
Black-E Studio
11AM – 12:30PM
TWT_016 organise transformed group

Want to start up or join a local political education festival or group where you are?

Using the new TWT guide for setting up a Transformed Group, this workshop will cover the, “why, what, when, how and who” of planning (from venues and budgets to programmes and aims).

An in-house training by TWT and the Transformed Group Network, featuring local group organisers in Tynedale, Kernow (Cornwall), Sheffield, Plymouth, Preston and elsewhere.


Navid Somani works at Liberty Human Rights, is on GJN's council, TWT's SG, organises with LGSM and helped to start Barnet Transformed.

Penny Grennan is an artist, musician and local activist. She set up Tynedale Transformed in 2019, ran the radical knitting and protest song sessions last year and was captured on national news playing her uke. Not to be missed!

Jack Witek has varied experience, from volunteering for TWT to helping organise local festivals like Bristol Transformed. His day job is in a cooperative brewery.

Mark Seddon is one of the organisers of Sheffield Transformed. He has written articles for New Socialist and Labour Outlook.

Transformed Groups are local political education groups putting on festivals and other events where they are. Inspired by TWT's festival, they've been springing up since 2018 - recent festivals included Cardiff Transformed, Kernow Transformed in Cornwall, Tynedale's debates, and climate festival Devon Transformed - with festivals coming soon in Sheffield!

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