Systems of Sickness: Radical Health as a Tool to Build Power
Black-E Studio
5:30PM – 7PM
TWT_117 radical health

What if, when we said ‘health’, we meant a just society of collective flourishing, not just more hospitals? Health can be a powerful organising and campaigning tool, but we often miss the opportunity to highlight the need for radical systems change - abolishing the conditions which create sickness. This session will explore how we can name, understand and organise against systems of sickness, using health justice as a tool for radical imagination and change.


Abi is a doctor, academic and activist specialising in public health, environmental inequalities and racial justice.

Kavian is a physician working on structural violence as a determinant of poor health, and visioning for salutogenic futures.

Rhiannon is a medical student, researcher and activist working on climate justice, access to medicines and health inequalities.

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