Trade Union Zine Making
Venue TBC
3PM – 4:30PM

Liverpool-based artist Lo Tierney will lead this workshop and show you how to create your own zine, while a trade unionist will explain the basics of trade unions - then you’ll come away with your very own zine all about trade unions, what they’re for, why we need them, and why it is vital that we join and are active in our unions NOW! The workshop is ideal for people whose knowledge about trade unions is limited and want to learn more about trade unions. The workshop is also for people who are interested in art and want to make zines!


Lo Tierney is a freelance artist based in Liverpool whose work is rooted in activism, especially around LGBTQ+ issues, feminist issues and disability rights. They have worked with Open Culture, The Whitechapel Centre, Earth Moves, The Walker Art Gallery, The Museum of Liverpool and WHISC. Tierney also works part-time as a support worker for disabled people.

Sam Swann is an actor and Equity member - elected to Equity's governing council. He is a TWT Steering Group member, co-founder of the Equity for a Green New Deal network, and represented his union at the TUC's conference.

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