Allende: 50 Years Since the Coup
Black-E Main Space
4:30PM – 6PM

On 11 September 1973, a US-backed military coup was launched against Chile’s socialist president, Salvador Allende. That morning, British-made Hawker Hunter jets bombed Chile’s presidential palace. By the end of the day, Allende was dead and a brutal dictatorship headed by Augusto Pinochet ruled for 17 years. 50 Years after the coup we explore the resistance to Pinochet and his dark legacy and solidarity with Chile in Britain and beyond.


Francisco Came to the UK as an 11 yrs old exile on 23 Feb 1975. He quickly joined his family in performing songs and music from La Nueva Cancion and played in solidarity events for Chile, other Latin American countries, Anti-Apartheid, Palestine, the Miners and many more. As a cultural activist, and with his band Grupo Luma, he uses music, poetry, art, performance and carnival to represent the voiceless and ensure the stories of those who cannot speak for themselves are heard.

Pablo Navarrete is a British-Chilean journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is the founding editor of, an independent voice on Latin American politics, media and culture. He is also runs Alborada Films, a social issue video production company.

John McEvoy is an investigative journalist and PhD candidate focusing on British foreign policy in Latin America, University of Liverpool. Co-director of the forthcoming documentary 'Britain and the Other 9/11'

Senior Lecturer in Latin American Politics, University of Liverpool.


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