General Strike in France
Black-E Theatre
10:30AM – 12PM

Comrades from France will share the story and lessons from the recent general strikes and uprisings there.


FX Hutteau is a militant and researcher based in Paris.

Clara M Garcia works supporting political translation and transnational organising at Common Languages. She has organised with different autonomous feminist collectives across territories and has been involved in Transnational Social Strike and Feministas Transfronterizas.

Ali is a refuse worker from France and a rep with the CGT union. He’s recently been on strike as part of the strikes there.

Philippe is a Sud Éducation Solidaires Union militant, and actively participated in the struggle against the pension reform, as well as in the movement against the repression of the suburbs’ uprising that took place after the killing of Nahel by a police officer in Nanterre, the city he used to teach in.


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