Basic income: Putting cash in people’s pockets
Black-E Main Space
10:30AM – 12PM

Basic income, a cash payment we’d receive from cradle to grave. Pilots are a common response to popular interest in basic income, but these political projects often don’t lead to permanent policy. Globally, projects that put cash in people’s pockets and set out towards permanence are proliferating. 500 people are receiving the UK’s first basic incomes, time to find out more.


Autonomy's Basic Income Lead and Co-Founder of Basic Income Conversation, helping coordinate a national discussion about basic income and working on the proposed pilots in Jarrow and Grange, East Finchley.

Researcher and advocate based at the University of Bath, where he leads an international team studying basic income and social transformation.

Author of the forthcoming book The Guarantee and is the President and co-founder of the Economic Security Project, an ideas advocacy organization that builds economic power for all Americans.

Member of Parliament for the Jarrow constituency, a strong and resilient community that is steeped in working-class solidarity.


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