The Owen Jones Show LIVE (additional free ticket required)
Toxteth TV, Online
7:30PM – 8:30PM

Owen Jones, journalist, author of Chavs and The Establishment, or "that left-wing idiot off the telly", is fed up with the establishment media. After all, it punches down, not up, blames minorities for all the problems in society, and, let's face it, often just parrots the government line. His live show is here to give a platform to issues and causes that are otherwise ignored, to debate and discuss alternatives to the way the world is run, to challenge the powerful, and to try and have a laugh, too. Join him live in the studio, or at home on YouTube!

Note this event requires an additional (free) ticket from (opens in a new tab)here.

Door open 30 minutes prior to the start time above.


Guardian columnist, socialist and author of Chavs, The Establishment and This Land: The Struggle for the Left.

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