Red Pepper presents: Pan-African revolutions – past, present and future
St Michael's Church
4:30PM – 6PM
TWT23_131 - Credit Chief Nywamweya

The world is facing massive social upheaval, inequalities and planetary destruction. In these circumstances, Pan-Africanism’s radical internationalist past remains relevant and inspirational to organisers in and outside of Africa and its diaspora today. Join Red Pepper and invited guests to celebrate and learn from varied African revolutionary movements and cultural practices that highlight why Pan-Africanism still matters to us all.


Chantelle Lunt is a writer, activist, entrepreneur and founder of the Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality.

Sanaa Alimia is the author of Refugee Cities: How Afghans Changed Urban Pakistan, and a co-editor of Red Pepper magazine.

Jenna Marshall is a lecture in International Studies at Kings College London, specialising in empire and race, political economy of the global south, Fabian socialism, decolonial methodologies, resistance and social movements.


Red Pepper is a quarterly magazine and website of left politics and culture.

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