World of Work Collaborative Board Game
Toxteth TV
12:30PM – 2:30PM

Watch a unique board game where players collaborate in an effort to create and keep employment in the region.

Join artist Michelle Browne and figures involved in employment across the region as they sit down together to play a new collaborative board game. World of Work invites players to work together to navigate the local and global shifts, fundamental inequalities, tech innovations and societal changes that help or reduce job creation.

Will they be able to keep enough people in employment? Can they ensure social benefits such as housing, public transport and a Universal Basic Income are available to everyone who needs them? How might these reflections help us think about the future of work in our region?

The World of Work is an art project commissioned and produced by community arts organisation Heart of Glass. It was created by Michelle Browne in collaboration with students from St Helens College, along with participants from Torus Housing, St Helens Carers Centre and individuals working in the industries of St Helens. The game has been played in towns and locations across the UK and Ireland including St Helens and Dublin

To find out more about the project and the artist:  (opens in a new tab)

Audience members are welcome to watch game play for the whole two hour session or can pop in any time to catch Michelle and the players somewhere along their journey.



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