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We want to re-energise the Labour movement’s rich history of self-education, helping activists to organise and facilitate events to discuss politics, build networks and develop ideas and strategies to transform their communities.

That’s why we are developing workshop guides from this years festival, as well as events organisers and members are doing across the country, for you to explore and organise yourself. Click on the workshops below to find out what it takes to organise your own!

Popular education online

Running your events online isn’t rocket science - and the problems you will face and their solutions will be different depending on what you want to organise. From setting up a digital reading group, to running a panel discussion, we’ve put together this short toolkit to get your online events started.

How to run your meetings online
How to run an online film club
How to Organise your own Transformed Event
How to run an online consciousness raising session
How to Run your Meetings Online
Trans Liberation Political Education
Abolitionist Futures Reading Group
Searching for Socialism - A history of the Labour Party Reading List
Manifesto for the Movement
The state we're in
In and Against the State: lessons from our recent past
Labour: A Party of reform or transformation?
Introduction to Social Reproduction​
The Urban Housing Crisis
How to Run a Left Book Club Reading Group
Racial Capitalism
Visioning a Green New Deal in your local area
Labour Together Roundtables
Creating an economy that works for all
My Mum is on Strike Stay and Play Events

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