TWT Resource Hub

We want to re-energise the Labour movement’s rich history of self-education, helping activists to organise and facilitate events to discuss politics, build networks and develop ideas and strategies to transform their communities.

That’s why we are developing workshop guides from this years festival, as well as events organisers and members are doing across the country, for you to explore and organise yourself. Click on the workshops below to find out what it takes to organise your own!

Workshop Formats

Labour: A Party of reform or transformation?
Visioning a Green New Deal in your local area
In and Against the State: lessons from our recent past
Racial Capitalism
The state we're in
Creating an economy that works for all
A working class party is something to be
My Mum is on Strike Stay and Play Events
The Urban Housing Crisis
Labour Together Roundtables
How to Run a Left Book Club Reading Group
Introduction to Social Reproduction​
How to Organise your own Transformed Event

The TWT Resource Hub is a home for political educators, allowing organisers to share resources and experience from organising their own political education initiatives across the country, providing the knowledge and practical know how for others to organise and facilitate events on topics ranging from the Green New Deal to radical feminism and strategies for how we win.

We want the Resource Hub to be a collaborative project, inviting organises to submit their own event guides and resources for everyone to use, helping to spread their work beyond their communities and expanding the conversations all over the UK and beyond.

If you have an idea for an event and want to share it with others through our Resource Hub, get in touch through [email protected] and we can upload it to the resource hub for all to see.

We have big plans for this website, keep watching this space!

Alongside building our Resource Hub TWT is also:
  • Hosting a Research Fellowship funded by The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust to better understand what political education is happening on the UK left, and support a stronger culture of learning across organisations.
  • Planning a series of training and skill-share events in different parts of the country to help activists organise their own Transformed events and become more confident when designing their own transformative education programmes.
  • Piloting a speakers network to both make accessing well known speakers easier and support the platforming of grassroots activists and future leaders.
Transformed Events

In 2018, Derby Transformed organised the very first local TWT event, attracting hundreds of people together to discuss politics, meet others and organise for the future. Since then, we have seen 19 local groups establish themselves and organise events ranging from a single day to three day festivals in their own communities.

We want to help more Transformed groups grow, connecting them to each other and providing support for their events. If you are interested in organising your own Transformed event and want to find out more about how to do this get in touch with us at [email protected].