Disability Oppression 101
Disability Oppression 101

As socialists, we believe that political education and solidarity are an important part of the route to liberation. A social model of disability - which draws a distinction between disability – which is the layer of oppression imposed on top of our impairments by society – and impairment – which are the physical and mental health conditions we live with, helps us to better understand the brutality of capitalism and also what a more caring and humane alternative to capitalism might look like. The liberation of disabled people cannot be won without the liberation of the working class - and is part of the wider struggle against all forms of oppression.

Using a video recording of our own discussions on disability oppression, this workshop aims to provide a basic understanding of disabled peoples oppression, exploring some key concepts and ideas central to disabled activism.

Disability Oppression 101 Disability 101 Handout.pdf
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