Defend Our Right to Strike and Resist!
Casa Bar
3:30PM – 5PM
TWT_025 defend our right to strike

As inflation and energy bills skyrocket and wages hit rock bottom, we’re seeing a huge wave of resistance through strikes and civil disobedience. Having failed to offer any answers to the rocketing cost of living, the Tories resort to divide and rule – pitting worker against worker with racism or a race to the bottom logic on pay and conditions. Now, building on decades of anti-trade union legislation, they’re proposing fresh attacks on the right to strike, while further dismantling our right to protest. Join us to debate how we defend our right to resist and build the fightback.


Kevin Courtney is joint-General Secretary of National Education Union.

General Secretary of the British trade union ASLEF

President of the UK's largest union UNISON

Chantelle Lunt is a writer, presenter, educator, activist and entrepreneur. She is a national BLM campaigner and the Chair of Merseyside Alliance for Racial Equality CIC (MARE), a non-profit organisation committed to promoting racial equality, across Merseyside, through grassroots community-led education and engagement work. She presents the ‘Why I’m no Longer Talking to Institutionally Racist Police’ podcast.

Nabeela is a member of Young Labour's National Committee. She is also a Councillor for Park and Arbourthorne in Sheffield.

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


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