Socialism 101: Tools For Strategy And Action (Part 2)
Quaker's Small Meeting Room
5:15PM – 6:45PM
TWT_035 Socialism pt2 Training

What is socialism? How do we relate to class and how do we relate to the state?

What tools of class struggle might be available to us? And how do we build effective strategies - as workers, community members, activists?

Socialism 101 offers an introduction to different approaches to transition from capitalism to socialism - with learnings from Marx, Gramsci and Italian Workerism - and an exploration of how our organising can be embedded in a wider strategy to transform the world.

This is an in-house session facilitated by TWT and former participants of the original Socialism 101 course run in May earlier this year.


Tom is a writer and educator who is currently employed as Momentum’s Activist Development Officer.

Lucy is TWT’s National Development Lead, project coordinator of the Feminise Politics Now! Project at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and organiser based in South London.

Amar is Programme Co-ordinator at The World Transformed, a co-editor at Red Pepper magazine and freelance journalist.

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