Three Sisters: The End of the Project
Toxteth TV
2:15PM – 3:30PM

'Three Sisters: The End of the Project’ - an audio play co-created by James Marriott and Lena Šimić, and produced by Platform. This speculative theatre is set in the late 2030s conveying the emotional realities of life in a Britain impacted by climate chaos. Building on Anton Chekhov’s classic play, the work takes us deep into questions of how might a transition unfold and how might we live. It is an enthralling audio piece driven by a powerful cast of 11 professional actors. Premiering at TWT, available on the festival FM podcast site and presented with a live panel discussion.

Listen to the full play here:

01 Prologue and Act 1

02 Act 2

03 Act 3

04 Act 4


James Marriott is a writer, activist and naturalist. He is co-author of ‘Crude Britannia - How Oil Shaped a Nation’. He works as part of Platform.

Lena Šimić is an artist, activist, theatre scholar and Labour councillor for Anfield. 

Former broadcast journalist for the BBC, Martin retrained as an actor and has just completed the MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media at The Central School of Speech & Drama.

Catriona is a Cardiff-based performer who has worked in theatre, screen, audio and dance productions across the UK and internationally. Companies that she has worked for include National Theatre Wales, Constanza Macras DorkyPark (Berlin), Hijinx Theatre, and Bad Wolf.

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