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The world is in the grip of multiple emergencies, and Keir Starmer isn’t going to save us. Elon Musk isn’t going to save us either. Neither will King Charles or Gary Lineker. We have to be honest about the scale of what we’re facing, but we also have to insist that it doesn’t have to be like this.

Every year since 2016, TWT has been bringing thousands of people together, and this year we’ll again be at the Black-E and other illustrious Liverpool venues, with trainings, debates and workshops on all the critical issues. You can expect fan favourites like the pub quiz, innovations like our upgraded TV studio and the most important activists, thinkers and politicians on the left.  Most importantly, you can catch up with old comrades over a cup of tea or a pint in the Black-E, where we'll be running our own bar and kitchen, and giving you proper space to connect, plan and celebrate. We’ll also be showcasing the finest in radical arts and culture and while we’re at it, we’ll have a good time at some of the biggest and best parties in the city.

Get your ticket now for TWT23, because nobody is coming to save us. If we want a better world, we're going to have to build it ourselves. 


It takes months of long conversations (and not a few arguments!) to wrangle the programme into shape each year. We anticipate being able to release some big names soon, but you can reliably expect familiar faces as well as plenty of new ones, across a diverse range of inspiring rallies, in-depth panels, dynamic workshops and thrilling parties.

Our external proposal form is live - if you want to submit a session idea to TWT23, (opens in a new tab)here it is. Deadline is 12th June.

Yes please! Sign up form is (opens in a new tab)here.

Liverpool is highly accessible by train and road - be it car or coach.

Liverpool Lime Street is the main station connecting the city to the rest of the UK.

Liverpool ONE Coach station is the central coach station, served by National Express.

Both are an 12 minute walk from our main venue and Box Office, the Black-E.

There are multiple pay and display car parks around Liverpool city centre.

The address of the Black-E is:

The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

All our other venues for the festival this year aret most a10 minutes walk from the Black-E.

We are committed to providing an event that’s as accessible as possible. We are guided by the social model of disability. We know we’ll get some things wrong, and we’re always learning.

In the coming months we'll be conducting an accessibility audit of our venues, and our dedicated volunteers will help us produce an Accessibility pack, which will be available as a PDF download on this site.

Please note we'll add to the pack as we compile more information. During the festival, it will also be available in hard copy from Box Office at the Black-E, just ask a volunteer there.

Here's some key information to help you plan your trip to the festival:

  • Ticketing: free tickets are available for assistants.
  • Venues: In each venue, priority seats will be reserved on front and exit rows. Priority passes will be available at the box office to enable you to avoid queues and be seated promptly. Venues will have step free access.
  • British Sign Language: We have BSL interpreters for a range of sessions.
  • Getting Around: The festival programme will include a map showing the distance between venues. All venues are close to one another. There is a free taxi for those who need it (details on how to access this service will be available in the accessibility pack).
  • Other Info: A quiet space will be available in one of our venues. Gender neutral toilets will be available in every venue.
  • First Aid: There will be designated first aiders at all venues in coloured bibs.

If you have any questions about accessibility in Liverpool this year, please get in touch at [email protected]

Yes! We're working with local groups to find a suitable venue near the Black-E, where we'll have a team of suitably qualified volunteers running a creche, providing free child care to ticket holders. We'll post more information here once we have details.

Big time. Our new and improved TWT TV offering will be showing the best of the fest each evening, and it'll be live streaming alongside a dedicated programme of online-only content. So if you can't make it in person, you can join us in cyber space!

As usually we'll also record lots of sessions and popping them on our (opens in a new tab)YouTube channel. (opens in new tab).

It will all be free to access - keep an eye on our social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on updates and news.

Ticket holders can collect their wristbands, which are needed to access all sessions, from our Box Office at Black-E (see the maps below). Just show your e-ticket from Ticket Tailor to receive your wristband.

TWT’s position is that the Labour Party is an important site of struggle for socialists. Engaging in electoral politics is valuable for the left. It opens up the opportunity of taking state power and, as seen during the Corbyn project, it can allow us to build up our numbers and skills quickly. With a first past the post voting system, and the Labour party’s links with many trade unions, currently Labour is the best vehicle for the social movement’s interventions in electoral politics.

Part of TWT’s role is to help activists develop an understanding of where we can use the party effectively in struggle and what its limitations are, as well as facilitate discussions on why and how the Labour Party dominates our politics in this way, and how we can move beyond it. In doing so, we hope to help galvanise and maintain connections between the Labour and extra-parliamentary left, who are becoming increasingly fragmented in the aftermath of Corbynism.

Any press queries should go to Tom Williams, at [email protected]