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We know that no one is coming to save us. This year’s TWT is all about remembering that the activists, groups and organisations that come together each year have always been the source of our hope and strength.

You are the real opposition. So let’s face these crises together, stay connected, get organised - and let’s have a good time while we do it.


Volunteer sign ups have now closed - we've got an absolutely amazing team, and we can't wait to get together in Liverpool to make it all happen!

Liverpool is highly accessible by train and road - be it car or coach.

Liverpool Lime Street is the main station connecting the city to the rest of the UK.

Liverpool ONE Coach station is the central coach station, served by National Express.

Both are an 12 minute walk from our main venue and Box Office, the Black-E.

There are multiple pay and display car parks around Liverpool city centre.

The address of the Black-E is:

The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

All our other venues for the festival this year aret most a10 minutes walk from the Black-E.

The Access Pack for TWT23 is available (opens in a new tab)here. (opens in new tab).

Please note we'll add to this pack as we compile more information. During the festival, it will also be available in hard copy from Box Office at the Black-E, just ask a volunteer there.

Here's some key information to help you plan your trip to the festival:

  • Ticketing: free tickets are available for assistants.
  • Venues: In each venue, priority seats will be reserved on front and exit rows. Priority passes will be available at the box office to enable you to avoid queues and be seated promptly. Venues will have step free access.
  • British Sign Language: We have BSL interpreters for a range of sessions.
  • Getting Around: There is a free taxi for those who need it (details on how to access this service will be available in the pack above).
  • Other Info: A quiet space will be available in the Black-E. Gender neutral toilets will be available in every venue.
  • First Aid: There will be designated first aiders at all venues in coloured bibs.

If you have any questions about accessibility in Liverpool this year, please get in touch at [email protected]

You can find our full Covid policy (opens in a new tab)here. (opens in new tab)

In summary, we're asking everyone to wear masks if they can. We'll be marking when venues are or aren't well ventilated - and we'll be trying to ventilate them through the use of air purifiers, and we ask everyone to take a lateral flow test before attending.

Yes! It's free for all ticket holders.

1st Floor, Black-E. A space for small revolutionaries to play and create in silly sensory safety.

Open 10am-6pm

Ages 3+ (younger children accompanied by a guardian)

A space for parents to accompany or leave their children, but also a creative, collaborative environment to explore between children, parents and volunteers over the weekend. We'll be making worlds and puppets from found objects, recyclables and fabrics. We'll also be using paint and music.

Workshops: 2pm Sat, Sun

Stim Storytime, Clown world

Big time. We'll be live streaming you favourite shows like Novara and Owen Jones, and it'll be alongside a dedicated programme of online-only content. And TWT TV is back, with a mega wrap-up show live from the studio on Tuesday night, so if you can't make it to TWT you can still catch up on what went down.

Sign up for the online programme (opens in a new tab)here. (opens in new tab).

You can browse online sessions by heading to the programme timeline, or using the 'Filter' function. Just select the venue 'Online'.

As usual we'll also record lots of sessions and popping them on our (opens in a new tab)YouTube channel. (opens in new tab).

And yes, it will all be free to access.

Ticket holders can collect their wristbands, which are needed to access all sessions, from our Box Office at Black-E. Just show your e-ticket from Ticket Tailor to receive your wristband.

Box Office Opening times:
Sat 0930-2200
Sun-Tue 1000-2000

TWT’s position is that the Labour Party is an important site of struggle for socialists. Engaging in electoral politics is valuable for the left. It opens up the opportunity of taking state power and, as seen during the Corbyn project, it can allow us to build up our numbers and skills quickly. With a first past the post voting system, and the Labour party’s links with many trade unions, currently Labour is the best vehicle for the social movement’s interventions in electoral politics.

Part of TWT’s role is to help activists develop an understanding of where we can use the party effectively in struggle and what its limitations are, as well as facilitate discussions on why and how the Labour Party dominates our politics in this way, and how we can move beyond it. In doing so, we hope to help galvanise and maintain connections between the Labour and extra-parliamentary left, who are becoming increasingly fragmented in the aftermath of Corbynism.

Any press queries should go to Tom Williams, at [email protected]

Every year since 2016, TWT has been bringing thousands of people together, and this year we’ll again be at the Black-E and other illustrious Liverpool venues, with trainings, debates and workshops on all the critical issues. You can expect fan favourites like the pub quiz, innovations like our upgraded TV studio and the most important activists, thinkers and politicians on the left.  Most importantly, you can catch up with old comrades over a cup of tea or a pint in the Black-E, where we'll be running our own bar and kitchen, and giving you proper space to connect, plan and celebrate. We’ll also be showcasing the finest in radical arts and culture and while we’re at it, we’ll have a good time at some of the biggest and best parties in the city.


The social hub of the Black-E, with our left bookshop and volunteer run cafe serving tea, coffee, cake... and if you're lucky, lunch or dinner!

The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

The Black-E is the spiritual home of The World Transformed - we started here in 2016.

The main space is the heart of the festival - expect big names, good vibes and a great bar!

The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

Note the queue forms round the side of the building by the railings.

The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

Raked seating and good acoustics make this the most traditional teaching space in the Black-E; but don't worry, there's nothing traditional about the lessons.

The Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW

An institution in the Baltic Triangle, DISTRICT is the main arts space and club venue at TWT for all your comedy, cabaret and comradely needs.

61 Jordan St, Liverpool L1 0BE

24 Kitchen St, Liverpool L1 0AN

St Brides, Percy St, Liverpool L8 7LT

Upper Pitt St, Liverpool L1 5BD

Upper Pitt St, Liverpool L1 5BD

The heroes at Video Odyssey are working with us to provide more online content than ever before. TWT TV is back with a bang at Toxteth TV, and there's space for a live audience.

37-45 Windsor St, Liverpool L8 1XE