Capitalism is Making Us Sick: A Radical Response to the Youth Mental Health Crisis
Black-E Studio
1PM – 2:30PM
TWT_065 capitalism mental health

Young people in Britain are becoming unhappier, more anxious and more depressed. Children’s mental health referrals have doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. But even before COVID, underfunded and increasingly privatised NHS mental health services were struggling to keep up with rising demand. Key to tackling this growing epidemic is recognising that this is not just a mental health crisis - it’s a crisis of capitalism. From poverty and housing to racism and climate change - this workshop will delve into what’s fuelling misery across this country, and how we can organise those affected by the crisis to fight for a socialist approach to mental health.


Head of Comms at Just Treatment and TWT Steering Group member. (opens in a new tab)

Patient Leader at Just Treatment

Community Organiser with #123 GP Campaign and Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR)

Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool. (opens in a new tab)

Organiser with Green New Deal Rising and UK Youth Climate Coalition. (opens in a new tab)

Healing Justice London & Strategic Advisor, Voices That Shake


Pharmaceutical companies are charging prices so high the NHS simply can’t afford the medicines. And healthcare corporations are slowly taking control of more and more of the NHS. This profit-driven agenda is putting all our lives at risk. We’re a group of patients determined to change this.

Together, we’ve taken on big pharma - and won. Now, we are mobilising patients in every corner of the UK to fight for an end to corporate power in our health systems and a fully-funded, publicly owned and operated NHS.

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