We Need to Talk About NATO
Black-E Theatre
7:30PM – 9PM

2022 has put the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation under the spotlight more than at any time in the post-Cold War period. NATO is a powerful arm of US foreign policy which has wreaked untold destruction in countries like Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. This short history of NATO aims to give perspective on the current crisis in Ukraine and orientate us for the struggles ahead.


Founding Director of the Scotland-based Afghan Human Rights Foundation, and campaigner for Human Rights & Social Justice

Lindsey German is a founding member of the Stop the War Coalition, author and activist. Her books include ‘How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women’

Chair of the Stop the War Coalition.

Chief of Staff of Unite, advisor to Jeremy Corbyn and author of The Fall and Rise of the British Left

Previously a fellow then director at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London, Matt Kennard is co-founder and Chief Investigator at Declassified UK


Stop the War is a campaign for a new, independent, foreign policy based on co-operation and diplomacy rather than the 'bomb first, talk later' approach of successive governments.
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