Workers Can Win! Rank and File Organising
Venue TBC
5:30PM – 7PM
TWT_036 workers can win!

After a summer of strikes, with a cost of living crisis getting more pronounced by the day and disputes ongoing up and down the country, many workers have been inspired to organise their own workplaces, some of them for the first time. Whether you’re just starting out or already active at work, join Ian Allinson, author of Workers Can Win! A Guide to Organising At Work and long-time workplace activist, to discuss the political ideas and techniques workers need to organise effectively.


Ian Allinson is a long-time workplace activist, mainly working in a largely un-unionised multinational outsourcing company. He has led a number of strikes including the first national strike in the notoriously difficult to organise IT industry in Britain, which won a national agreement despite the employer not recognising the union nationally.

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