Ecofascism and How to Fight It
Black-E Studio
7:30PM – 9PM

How are far right groups using the framing of climate denial in their organising? Join us to discuss how people anxious about the climate crisis are vulnerable to racist, xenophobic and even fascist methods of addressing the problem, as we see the rise of far right governments and state actors around the world.


Tatjana Söding is a research member of the Zetkin Collective, whose current work investigates the political ecology of the Alternative für Deutschland. She holds a MSc in Human Ecology from Lund University, is a founding member of the student-led initiative Erasmus by Train and engages actively in the climate justice movement. Her research interests include eco-socialism and degrowth, queer ecology, and political subjectivation.

Hilary Moore is a political educator and writer from the US. She is the author of Beyond Policing ( (opens in a new tab) and Burning Earth, Changing Europe ( (opens in a new tab)

Sasha Josette is the director of campaign group Zero Hours Justice

Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya is a writer, activist and co-editor of Red Pepper magazine, interested in arts and culture, climate justice and social movements.

Alex Roberts is the host of 12 Rules for What, a podcast on fascist, the far right and anti-fascism. He is the co author of Post Internet Far Right and The Rise of Ecofascism.


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