Greenwashing: How Big Business Fools Us
Venue TBC
3PM – 4:30PM
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Greenwashing is a major force in environmental devastation. Corporations deflect the terrible damage they do to the environment and working-class communities by claiming to be environmentalists. The Earth Moves Cooperative Community uses collaborative methods in art, film and performance to spread awareness of issues like corporate infiltration and greenwashing. Back to Nature – Forward to Life is a queer-lit, low-budget, community media venture; rough around-the-edges but authentic and collaborative. Come join this film screening and a discussion with experts on the topic, and see what can be done.


Earth Moves is a diverse community of friends and collaborators who offer an interdisciplinary approach to well-being and creating community. They tackle different issues such as social isolation, healthy eating, and ecological sustainability. Through workshops and events linking art and horticulture, they advocate holistic, self-empowered, and creative ways of learning.

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