So You Want To Organise Your Workplace (Part 2): How to Organise in a 21st Century Workplace
Venue TBC
1PM – 2:30PM
TWT_040 organise your workplace

Inspired by the summer of strikes, more of us are organising our workplaces. Join Momentum, IWGB, UNITE, RMT and NEU for this two-part session.

Part 1 (11am-12:30pm) will explore 6 steps to organising in your workplace, with a deep-dive training on how to have an organising conversation.

In Part 2 (1-2:30pm) you and other comrades will build campaign plans for different workplaces and struggles, before hearing from organisers about their experiences organising in these different contexts. These sessions will allow you to think strategically about your own workplace, practice key organising skills, and work with some of the top union organisers in the country!


Vik is a school teacher based in Manchester, trade union rep and on the Strike! MCR organising committee.

Lois is a hospitality worker and trade union organiser, working for Momentum to establish their Trade Unionist Network.

Grace has been a union organiser for 7+ years, working across the South West. She specialises in collective actions, recruitment, rep development and leverage.

Justin is a workplace rep working in offshore wind. He is also a Liverpool shipping branch Pol ED officer and regional assistant secretary.


Momentum is a socialist and anti-racist organisation committed to a fundamental and irreversible shift in wealth and power to the working class in all its diversity.

Momentum’s role is to build popular support for socialist ideas and policies through political education and campaigns, and to organise to advance them in the Labour Party, with the aim of electing a socialist Labour Government to deliver them.

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