Building a National Right to Food Movement
Black-E Main Space
11AM – 12:30PM
TWT_059 The Right to food

Nearly 2 million people used food banks last year and figures are rising. Led by Ian Byrne MP, this participatory session will develop creative, radical and innovative streams of action aimed at mobilising communities around our right to food. The ideas you help to develop in this session will be used to drive a year-long national campaign, made up of local activities and country-wide initiatives aimed at enshrining a right to food in UK law. Together we will develop the political, social, economic and ethical steps needed to end food insecurity in Britain.


Ian has been the MP for Liverpool West Derby since 2019 and was the co-founder of Fans Supporting Foodbanks, a community initiative by football fans to tackle food poverty in Liverpool.

Deputy Leader of Worthing Council and Right to Food Campaigner

Hilary Schan is the Momentum Co-chair

Life long NHS worker , inspired by Jeremy Corbyn and his vision of community based socialism , volunteers for WFF , leading on the school uniform project


Momentum is a socialist and anti-racist organisation committed to a fundamental and irreversible shift in wealth and power to the working class in all its diversity.

Momentum’s role is to build popular support for socialist ideas and policies through political education and campaigns, and to organise to advance them in the Labour Party, with the aim of electing a socialist Labour Government to deliver them.

Volunteer-led food foundation whose activities include food bank provisions in the Worthing area.

We are a campaigning group of Londoners including trade unionists, tenants, foodbank volunteers, community food organisers, nutritionists and local councillors. Right to Food London supports Ian Byrne’s National campaign to enshrine the Right to Food in law.

A joint initiative between The Blue Union & Spirit of Shankly to support foodbanks. It provides a quarter of all food donations to north Liverpool food banks and has helped to develop a network of fan-driven food banks across the UK.

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