Follow the Money to Defund Climate Chaos
Black-E Theatre
5:15PM – 6:45PM
TWT_050 follow the money

Behind the Climate Crisis are the financial pillars of the fossil fuel industry. From direct action & divestment to green new deals, how do we dismantle the system and pay for the alternatives?


Richard Burgon is the Labour Party MP for Leeds East and member of the Socialist Campaign Group.

Elly is a climate organiser with Living Rent based in Glasgow. They currently work with Tipping Point UK and the Defund Climate Chaos coalition and specialise in making climate movements more class accessible and relatable to everyday peoples experiences.

Tilly is Chair of Labour for a Green New Deal, having worked on both local and international strategy

Safiah is a Climate Justice Organiser for Breathe in Newcastle and also works for Nurses United - a campaign group for nurses. Safiah is passionate about how we can build power on the ground, in order to create alternatives that work for people not profit. She likes to salsa and eat food

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