How do we do Internationalism?
Black-E Theatre
5:30PM – 7PM

We live at the intersection of multiple, life-threatening global crises, from climate breakdown to settler colonialism. To resist, we need radical, internationalist solidarity. This session will explore the radical history of left internationalism as a means of disrupting imperialism and capitalism, and of building coalitions across class, race and geopolitical divides. Through grappling with questions such as the limitations of the nation state, internationalism outside of the British Empire and expansive, humanist solidarity, this discussion aims to crystallise the liberatory possibilities of an internationalist political strategy.


Previously the head of international climate at major environmental NGO Friends of the Earth, Asad is now the executive director of War on Want, a movement committed to ending poverty and inequality.

Elif Sarican is a writer, editor, curator and translator. Elif curates the programme of discussions, dialogue and other events for the Left Book Club and supports the Left Book Club community to connect with each other and start reading groups.

Amrit Wilson is a writer and activist on issues of race and gender in Britain and South Asian politics.

Mohammed Elnaiem is an activist with experience in the Black Lives Matter Movement, supporting the Kurdish cause and fighting for civil democracy in Sudan. He was a participant in the Sudanese revolution and was a columnist for Jstor Daily, where his column Black Radicals, ran for two years and exposed thousands of readers to the Black Radical tradition. He is currently in the process of founding a new organisation: The Decolonial Centre, which will work towards spreading awareness on how colonialism has shaped history and continues to shape current affairs. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Cambridge, investigating the relationship between Colonialism, Capitalism & Patriarchy.

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