In and Against the Community: Organising the Jewish and Bangladeshi Left
Venue TBC
3:30PM – 5PM
vashti x twt

The right has hijacked identity politics. From Priti Patel dismissing criticism of herself as racist on the basis of her heritage, to Liz Truss’s promise to combat 'civil service wokeism' in the name of British Jews, the political right are more and more happy to exploit ethnic cleavages to their own ends.

How does the left resist this without reinscribing racial essentialism? How do we build alliances between groups while divesting from the Interfaith Industrial Complex? And how do we organise on racial and religious lines while not compromising on class-based solidarity (ensuring that 'solidarity' isn’t voided of meaning)?

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Mish Rahman is a member of Momentum's National Coordinating Group and a Grassroots Voice candidate for Labour's National Executive Committee

Dr. Fatima Rajina is the Legacy in Action Research Fellow at the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre at De Montfort University.

Katie is an intellectual historian and editor at Vashti

Rivkah is an editor, essayist, reporter and podcast producer with experience across legacy and new media. She edits Vashti, a new Jewish media platform.

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Esther is a campaigner and organiser based in London

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