Left Bloc: Mobilising Our Strengths, Building Our Power
Black-E Studio
3PM – 4:30PM
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The contemporary left is at a crossroads. Bigger than it was before 2015, but struck with division and shut out of parliamentary politics. From Don’t Pay and Enough Is Enough to Black Lives Matter and XR, we can see radical potential in movements from trade unionism, to national campaigning and direct action. Exploring how these responses might coalesce into a force for change, this participatory discussion will ask whether that change can happen without a party form. And most importantly, what do we do about the Labour Party?


Hilary Wainwright is a British sociologist, political activist and socialist feminist, best known for being editor of Red Pepper magazine.

James Schneider is the Communications Director for Progressive International and was the co-founder of Momentum and former comms director for Jeremy Corbyn. He is the author of Our Bloc: How We Win.

Hillsborough Justice Campaign. For 26 years, Sheila campaigned for justice for the people who died and survivors of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Sasha Josette is the director of campaign group Zero Hours Justice

Lydia Hughes is the former Head of Organising at IWGB. She is the author of Troublemaking: Why You Should Organise Your Workplace.


Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.

Red Pepper is a quarterly magazine and website of left politics and culture. We’re a socialist publication drawing on feminist, green and anti-racist politics.

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