TWT22 Crèche - Saturday
Venue TBC
10AM – 6PM

The TWT crèche will be open for all four days of the festival (across two venues - The School Dining Room on Saturday and Sunday; and the Black-E on Monday and Tuesday). This will be open to kids age 3 and above and will be run by a dedicated team of volunteers. This year we have some exciting sessions scheduled for both adults and children - including:

Red Sunday School (Adults and Children)

On Saturday (not Sunday!) from 2:30-6pm, Red Sunday School will be running some radical participatory games, and a talk on the history of the socialist Sunday school (search 'Red Sunday School (on Saturday!)' in the programme to find the full description for the afternoon).

Other Activities

Our team will be running art, music and movement activities throughout the weekend, exploring the ways we interact with our worlds and with each other through noise, paint, and play!

We’ll be exploring the worlds we make together with movement, light and cooperation games, percussion circles, a circus workshop and collaborative art pieces, sculpting and decorating our own worlds and building a giant geometrical tile collage.

We’ve got instruments, a LOT of paint, and all of the energy to make sure your little ones have a connected, creative experience at TWT. Come play!


Red Sunday School a monthly socialist school for children, based in Glasgow. Established in 2021, the school provides tools and resources for the creative exploration of nature, culture and society from a radical perspective, and encourages active participation in the great struggles of our day: anti-racism, the climate crisis, feminism, and the revolutionary transformation of capitalism. Red Sunday School is a secular, non-party affiliated organisation run by a group of activists, educators, parents, carers and cultural workers. Every month we run sessions based on with ages 0-12 years, alongside a community meal.

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