Movement Ecosystems: How to Build Coalitions
Black-E Studio
3PM – 4:30PM
TWT_067 movement ecosystems

What does it mean to see our movement as an ecosystem? What frameworks can we refer to in order to understand this? And why is this framing a useful accompaniment to our organising tools and approaches (from power mapping coalition building) in creating a healthy, organised movement that can create change and win?

A workshop led by Breathe, an organisation dedicated to community organising for climate justice


Sasha Josette is the director of campaign group Zero Hours Justice

Tess Humble is a Lead Community Organiser at Breathe based in Glasgow

Laura Smith local Cheshire east councillor former MP for Crewe and Nantwich and working with the political team at CWU

Ana is a lawyer and activist involved with political and social movements including BcnenComú, particularly with regards to Human Rights, the Right to Proper Housing, access to land, and social problems connected to gender and economic inequality.


Breathe is an organisation dedicated to spotlighting and supporting work that addresses racial and environmental injustice and the impacts of climate change on communities of colour and the world.

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