Who Owns the Land?
Venue TBC
11AM – 12PM
TWT_003 Land justice

Land is fundamental to everything we do. Our ability to access housing, work, leisure, food, public services and nature is determined by who controls the land we live on. Understanding who owns the land is crucial to understanding how our society is structured and functions. Just 3% of land in England is communal and it's unclear who owns the rest. As part of the Climate Strategy Session, this workshop will explore how current systems of land ownership reinforce inequalities and fail to meet social needs. It will encourage participants to imagine how we might use land collectively to live happier, healthier, and more sustainable lives. During this session participants will also be invited to join us in singing songs of the land.


Safiah is a Climate Justice Organiser for Breathe in Newcastle and also works for Nurses United - a campaign group for nurses

Project Manager at Sheffield Environmental Movement and Inclusion Development Manager at Principles of Success with research experience of inclusive CPD frameworks.

Laurie Macfarlane is the co-author of 'Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing' and 'Land for the Many'.

Organiser with Sheffield Transformed, Unite Environmental Officer in her workplace, and Permaculturist.

Works for various organisations supporting collective and community approaches to housing, planning, and land ownership and management. 

A community and labour movement organiser with a background in conservation, researching participatory governance of land.

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