Not Here, Not Anywhere: Let’s Stop the Carbon Bombs!
Black-E Theatre
3PM – 4:30PM
twt_011 Not here, not anywhere_ let’s stop the Carbon Bombs!

From East Africa to the North Sea, activists are fighting to stop the hundreds of ‘Carbon Bombs’ across the world. In this session you will hear from an all-women platform of activists including Stop Cambo/Stop Jackdaw opposing new oil & gas fields in Scotland to Stop EACOP mobilising against the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline across Uganda and Tanzania. There is still time to say no to these new fossil fuel projects, join us to find out how!


Merry is a researcher, climate justice campaigner and the coordinator of the Stop Burning Trees Coalition. She has a history of direct action and in recent years has focused on campaigning against Drax and the biomass scam

Emma is a climate and animal justice activist from North Dorset. She has worked with Animal Rebellion, Green New Deal Rising, and is currently campaigning with Stop Jackdaw / Stop Cambo. In her hometown she started up a repair Café, and runs the Plant Based Unis campaign at her University

Lindy is an activist from the Stop West Cumbria Coal Mine and lives in Maryport, not far from the proposed site. She has a deep love and connection with the environment. She joined the campaign because she is very worried about the impact on the local area and the planet. She speaks out against the way West Cumbria Mining is manipulating public opinion, making empty promises about local jobs and using the long past legacy of coal mining to ramp up support.

Fatima is the co-founder and director of Green New Deal Rising, a youth movement fighting for a transformation of the economy to stop the climate crisis and build a world in which we can thrive.

Patricia is a Ugandan climate and environmental rights activist from Uganda's Fridays for Future movement. She advocates for a greener planet (through fruit trees planting) and Climate Justice in the climate change movement. One of her environmental concerns is saving Lake Victoria, which connects Uganda to neighbouring countries. As part of her activism, Patricia is currently part of the campaign to Stop the East African crude oil pipeline construction in Uganda and Tanzania and is part of the global Stop EACOP coalition.

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