Write Off Personal Debts to Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis
Venue TBC
1PM – 2:30PM
TWT_119 write off personal debt

How do we write off personal debts? Why is personal debt write-off a vital tool for tackling the cost of living crisis? A panel discussion led by experts in media, organising and policy, followed by a participatory workshop on how to achieve debt write-offs in different areas. This session is for anyone who has been affected by or is interested in personal debt in the UK.


Eva is Head of Campaigns at Debt Justice, (formerly Jubilee Debt Campaign). She has been an economic justice campaigner and organiser for over 15 years, winning international campaigns on tax justice and UK housing justice issues. She now campaigns to end the inequality caused by unjust debt.

Louie worked as a community organiser for the last 10 years. He was one of the founders of the community union ACORN UK, worked in the Labour party's Community Organising Unit and now runs the Together Against Debt project for Debt Justice.

Caroline Molloy is a journalist with Open Democracy and debt write-off advocate.


We are a campaigning organisation that exists to end unjust debt and its root causes. Through (opens in a new tab)campaigning, (opens in a new tab)community organising, (opens in a new tab) research and activism, we build collective power with the people most affected by personal debt in the UK and public debt in exploited countries. So together we can rewrite the rules of global finance and build a fair economy for all.

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